The Best Hybrid Mattress For Natural Sleep

Made with organic and natural materials for affordable comfort

Better for you, your sleep, and the planet.

While the mattress industry is full of options, when searching for a hybrid mattress with natural and organic materials, the choice is clear - Awara is simply better than the rest. We don’t use memory foams, synthetic foams, chemical adhesives or chemical fire retardants. Instead we’ve chosen to think about what we would want to sleep on at night, which means choosing the most premium, certified organic and natural materials. We believe in the best of all worlds, which means a hybrid mattress with organic latex that helps support your best rest, and the planet’s future. It’s a win-win.

Explore our natural and organic materials

Certified Organic Latex


Not all latex is created equal. Awara is made with certified organic latex (none of that synthetic latex you’ll find in other brands). Our premium latex is taken from the trees, whipped, poured and baked to take perfect shape (and a touch of bounce!) inside our mattresses. If you’ve never slept on Dunlop latex, you’re in for a treat. It’s the perfect combination of soft and supportive.


Our natural latex carries the Rainforest Alliance certification for natural materials and manufacturing processes.


Unlike poly foam-based mattresses, you won’t find any odor emanating from Awara. You also won’t find a chemical fire retardant (ours is Silica based for your health).


Latex is known to be better at regulating temperature than memory foam mattresses. When combined with the moisture wicking cotton and wool blend cover, you’ll sleep cool, night after night.

Natural Cotton

Cotton is truly a wonder material used in clothing and bedding for it’s amazing properties. It is silky, soft, and supple, yet durable and strong. Our natural cotton is woven into our Euro Top cover and helps provide the luxury firm feeling of support Awara is known for. Cotton has many benefits including temperature regulation, moisture wicking, breathability. Our cotton is mindfully-harvested before being woven into the Awara cover.
100% Wool

Certified 100% Organic Wool fiber from New Zealand

Like cotton, wool is one of nature’s finest materials. Our Certified 100% Organic Wool fiber from New Zealand has many of the properties of cotton including moisture wicking. It also helps with temperature regulation, helping to cool you down when you are too hot and warming you when you are cool due to how the wool fibers are woven to achieve the perfect sleeping climate. Wool is also a natural fire retardant, adding an additional barrier along with our natural silica-based fire retardant for your safety.