Mattress For Better Wellbeing

Awara is a mattress that puts you first

You Deserve Transparency

When it comes to your sleeping environment, you want the best. Sleep is important to our overall well-being and is a key source of healing and regeneration for our body. It’s better for anyone looking to eliminate allergens, toxins, and harmful chemicals from their environment. Going green isn’t just better for the planet, it’s better for your life. When it comes to purchasing a mattress, you deserve transparency to know exactly what you are sleeping on and ensure it’s the highest quality.


At Awara, we don’t have any false claims. Our mattresses aren’t full of chemicals, foams, and fillers for your comfort. Instead we stick to the basics. Natural latex and cotton, organic wool, water-based adhesives, and individually-wrapped coils. We didn’t try to create new materials in a lab. Instead, we just tried to package what nature has done best and bring it to you for better sleep. We show you all the certifications front and center on our site so you can make sure we stand by our certified materials and our claims. What you see here is what you get - plain and simple.


Poly foams and memory foams might be comfortable, but some may also have potential health risks, depending upon the type of foam used. Many poly foams are petroleum based, and some memory foams include known carcinogens. While some may emit a light odor for a brief period, others have strong odors for a longer time, causing discomfort and potential health hazards in air quality for those in your home. Awara does not use any poly foams or memory foams in our mattress. We have chosen to use a combination of natural latex and individually-wrapped pocket coils which provide luxurious support without toxic materials.


The layers in Awara are bound by an water-based adhesive rather than a synthetic-based or chemical-based glues which can cause odors as well as contain allergens. This method is durable and supported by our Forever Warranty™, which guarantees Awara for a lifetime.


Our Dunlop latex is the best in quality, durability, and comfort used in mattresses today. Produced sustainably from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, latex is recyclable, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. And did we mention it provides some of the best support for sleepers in any position? While some mattress companies claim they have latex mattresses, they might use synthetic or blended (both natural and chemical fillers or foams) latex - neither of which is as good for you, the planet, or the longevity of your mattress since these fillers can break down faster. We believe nature knows best, which is why we stick with natural through and through.


It turns out nature does know best - and the combintation of rayon and organic wool functions as a flame retardant equal in safety to chemical ones. While most mattress companies use chemical flame retardants, we received certifications for our safety standards without relying on the toxic chemicals found in flame retardants. These chemicals can be harmful to you and your family in your home, and at Awara, we wouldn’t.