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Welcome to Awara—Nature’s favorite mattress We’d love to answer any questions, resolve any issues, or just talk about Awara. Customer service is the backbone of what we do here at Awara. Please feel free to call Awara Sleep Support at anytime as well as chat and email. We can’t wait to hear from you!
My job is the best! Helping people get better sleep actually changes their lives, and being on our support team I see that first hand. I sleep better myself knowing that our team is doing our job to help people get better sleep.
Efrat, Customer Support Lead
Frequently Asked Questions
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About the Awara Mattress?
Awara is a hybrid mattress, comprised of natural latex and latex encased coils that give it the perfect balance of comforting support and bounce. Choosing Awara’s natural latex mattress means making a better choice for the planet and your sleep. For every Awara purchase made, we plant a young Hevea brasilienesis tree and purchase carbon to offset the footprint we make when manufacturing and shipping your mattress. Invest in better wellness for you and the Earth overall by choosing Awara, the natural option.
Awara is a 13” hybrid mattress, comprised of natural latex and premium encased coils that give it the perfect balance of comforting support and bounce. Choosing Awara means making a healthier choice for the planet because we are always making steps towards sustainable practices. Choose Awara, the most comfortable mattress with natural materials for better sleep.
When you’re using a natural, organic, and sustainable product, you can rest more easily knowing that you’re using something healthier for your body and healthier for the world overall. Because Awara is made with certified organic latex, it’s made without the chemicals found in many memory foam mattresses that may smell or off-gas. Awara’s is made with natural materials that supports the health of you, your home, and the Earth.
What is the Sleep Trial?
Our sleep trial is the period of time where you can take the Awara mattress on a test run for up to one entire year. This trial is incredibly unique in the mattress industry, because most other companies only offer between 30 and 100 days for a trial period. We think that the more trial time the better. Discover better sleep that is better for you and the Earth.
What setup do you recommend for the Awara mattress? What Setup Do You Recommend for the Awara Mattress?
For the best possible sleep and safest setup to keep Awara in prime condition, we recommend placing it on a suitable basic frame or box spring. It doesn’t have to be anything that breaks the bank, but something that raises it off of the floor for maximum breathability and support will help ensure a long, healthy lifespan for your cozy Awara mattress.
Do You Offer Financing?
Yes, Awara customers are able to finance their purchase via Affirm.
When can I Expect to Receive My Awara Mattress?
Your mattress will usually ship within 24 hours of purchase. Delivery typically takes 2 - 5 business days once your mattress has shipped, and could be arriving via FedEx Ground delivery. With the optional White Glove Delivery Service for a small additional fee, delivery times may be extended 2-3 days.
How does the Awara Feel?
Awara is a luxurious and supportive hybrid mattress that uses natural latex in order to bring you a cozy mattress that is better for you. The cover is ultra-soft, cradling you into the sleep your body craves. Don’t take our word for it. Try Awara out for yourself!
The Forever Warranty What is the Forever Warranty?
With one of the best warranties in the industry, Awara cares about keeping our language simple. No confusing legal speak or super small print. If there are damages to Awara that occur from normal use anytime during your ownership, we will replace it for you at no extra cost. Whether it’s tomorrow or 50 years from now, we want you to enjoy Awara for a lifetime.
What do I do with Awara if I Need to
Return it?
Returns with Awara are rare, but when they happen we will accommodate them within our 365-night trial period. Allow our Sleep Concierge to coordinate the most convenient way for us to pick up your Awara mattress, and the best part is, there is no hassle for you. We will be the ones to cover all of the transportation at no extra cost.
Although it is very rare for someone to want to return Awara, we will absolutely accommodate returns with our 365-night risk-free sleep trial. Our Sleep Concierge will figure out the most convenient way to remove your Awara if it is not the perfect mattress for you.
Ask Us Anything
It’s our pleasure to help you throughout the process of purchasing your new mattress to delivery and address
any questions that arise along the way.
At Awara we want you it to feel natural to ask us anything. It’s our mission for you to feel as comfortable asking us for help as you are sleeping on this luxurious natural mattress. Quality is at the foundation of our team’s existence. From the unique coil system and natural latex in our mattress to every experience with every one of our valued customers, we take the time necessary to understand our product and your needs.
I love being able to speak from experience and help answer questions for customers who are after a super comfortable, supportive mattress with natural materials. It makes my job easy since I just share with customers how well I sleep each night.
Zach, Customer support team lead