We believe that a good night’s sleep is the key to better wellness, and that a reduced carbon footprint is better for the planet.

There’s a new movement changing the way people approach their life called mindfulness. The practice offers a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surrounding environment through a gentle, nurturing lens. It is often associated with meditation practices, but it is more than that. It’s how you live your day, and it’s how you sleep at night. It’s a holistic life approach to make choices that are far more intentional – so when you wake up you don’t feel like you are on autopilot, but instead energized and aligned with your world.

At Awara, we took this to heart when we designed our mattress. We hand-selected and tested each and every natural and organic material to find the best of the best. That includes natural Dunlop latex, natural cotton and organic wool. The mattress is also crafted to support all sleep positions and has a Forever Warranty™.

Safe Mattress
The Awara mattress is crafted to support all sleep positions
and has a Forever Warranty™.

As a sustainable company, we are mindful when it comes to using renewable resources. We put our customers and the earth first when it comes to sourcing and manufacturing our mattress. Going natural is not only healthier for everyone enjoying a great night sleep on Awara, but better for all workers who don’t have to come into contact with pesticides, as well as the water and air supply in the regions we source from. We do our absolute best to engage in efficient operations as well as be transparent with our customers so they can feel good about the purchase they are making.

And just as important in our mission to go green, we’ve decided to offset our carbon footprint. This occurs through our collaboration with ClimatePartner, which plants trees for every mattress sold. We believe that surrounding yourself with purpose-led products, can help you to feel better about the choices you make. When you add that to actually sleeping better on a natural mattress, it can transport you to a mindful sleeping state to change all aspects of your life. And that’s the power of a mindful rest.