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Are you having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep? Although many factors can make sleep elusive, it may be due to the mattress on which you are sleeping. Polyurethane foam may give mattresses the support and comfort that many seek. However, often they include volatile organic compounds or VOCs which can be released in the air. Inhalation of these chemical particles can put certain people at risk for allergic reactions and other types of health issues.

Also, mattresses must include flame retardants to slow their burning when exposed to fire. However, the chemicals that are used, such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers, pose a health risk. Between toxic flame retardants and VOCs, many consumers are now looking at a green mattress for their home.

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What is An Green Mattress?

For those who are searching for a green bed, check out specific mattress brands that are selling an organic type of mattress. Organic mattresses or organic, eco-friendly mattresses are made from certified organic materials such as organic cotton, organic wool, organic latex foam, or a combination of these materials. These organic materials are then processed, without using harmful chemicals, to create an environment-friendly mattress for restful sleep.

An emerging trend in an eco-green mattress is that it comes with proper certification. It is best that you look for a natural latex mattress that has a certified organic label. Mattress manufacturers strive to achieve to be GOTS certified, GreenGuard Gold or have a GOLS certification. Awara holds the GOLS certification. It also holds a certification with ClimatePartner so that trees are planted for every mattress purchased.

Eco Friendly Mattress

Why Choose Green Mattresses?

It’s not surprising that more consumers are looking at mattresses that are made from eco-friendly materials these days. Indeed foam mattresses (either foam or memory foam) or a hybrid mattress consisting of pocketed steel coil and polyurethane foam may emit off-gassing that can contribute to a person’s health issues.

On the other hand, a green organic mattress, such as a latex foam mattress use both materials and manufacturing processes that are deemed eco-friendly. Dunlop latex and Talalay latex use only minimal chemical processing to convert rubber sap to foam. The processing that is utilized is not harmful to humans. There are several reasons to consider getting a natural latex mattress for your home, and these are:

1. Absence of volatile organic compounds (VOC). As mentioned earlier, the chemical adhesives used to combine several layers of memory foam, foam, and other materials can contribute to the harmful toxins being emitted into the air. Among the possible health risks that are linked to VOCs are respiratory issues and, headaches, and dizziness.

2. Natural flame retardants. Flame retardants are usually applied in most mattresses for protection, but the chemical components do not dissipate over the years. In a latex mattress, flame retardants come in the form of organic wool which is a natural retardant. You won’t need to worry about sleeping with a chemical-laden mattress with this bed.

3. Resistant to mold, dust mite, and mildew. An organic latex mattress, like the Awara mattress, is resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites because of the use of natural latex. Many mattresses have spaces where mold and mildew can develop. Also, these crevices are a natural place for dust mites and bed bugs to make a home inside the mattress. Also, the cotton and wool quilted cover top wick away moisture offering a natural deterrent to these pests.

4. Sleeps cooler. Another benefit to an organic latex mattress is that it can sleep cooler. Memory foam may contour and conform to your body’s shape, but when body heat is introduced, the heat can get caught in the bed. This can be quite uncomfortable as the night progresses, which can disrupt your night’s sleep. With a combination of organic latex and organic wool, you should be able to sleep cooler versus on memory foam.

5. Environment-friendly. Purchasing a green mattress not only benefits your health but the environment too. This is due to the natural materials that were used by manufacturing companies in creating organic beds. From cotton to wool, to latex, many parts of the bed can be recycled and repurposed. What’s more, since natural latex can last very long, you won’t be replacing your mattress anytime soon. This means that you are reducing your contribution to landfills that are already packed with trash.

6. Durable. What other benefits can you get from natural latex mattresses? Since latex is a durable material, there is no need for constant replacement. When comparing it with different types of mattresses, such as innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid, you’ll find that organic latex tends to last longer. A hybrid latex mattress also provides reduced motion transfer and good edge support.

How To Choose Green Mattresses

Shopping for a new bed requires research. However, if you are aiming to buy an eco-friendly green mattress, these tips may help you out.

1. Read mattress reviews. Research mattresses online. It’s essential that you know all the options. A mattress review can help you learn more about mattresses and their components.

2. Pressure Point Relief. A natural latex mattress performs well in relieving pressure points. Sleepers have different choices as to sleeping positions. Stomach sleepers may benefit from a latex mattress as it sinks less than memory foam. Side sleepers may prefer the bounciness and support for their joints and bony prominences that you get with a latex mattress.

3. Materials. Not all natural latex mattresses are considered organic which is why it is best that you look for one that has been certified to be organic. Third party testers such as GreenGuard Gold and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) can assure you that the materials used in your green mattress are organic. Check the label first before making a final decision.

4. Comfort level. Check the firmness of the mattress. Green mattresses, like others, come in all firmness levels. Some prefer to have a little “give” to their bed, while others prefer a firm bed. A sleep trial is the best way to determine the firmness of a bed so ask the store whether they allow their customers to “test drive” their mattress first.

5. Design. There are a lot of considerations when looking at eco-friendly mattresses. What kind of natural latex do you prefer, Dunlop or Talalay? There are pros and cons to both. A Dunlop latex mattress is firmer but more affordable. The latex is durable and supportive. A Talalay mattress is softer and airier but more expensive. Or, you can choose a hybrid mattress.

6. Price. Eco-friendly mattresses tend to be more expensive to regular mattresses but may last longer as well.

Green Hybrid Mattress -The Best of Both Worlds

The Awara hybrid mattress offers the best of both worlds with its pocketed coils and natural latex construction. It offers 4 inches of Dunlop latex, a 9-inch 5 zone pocket coil base, and a natural wool and organic cotton quilted top to provide a top comfort layer. Although no mattress can prevent bed bugs, you won’t have to worry about bed bug bites and subsequent bed bug treatment with this mattress like you might with others. The mattress can fit a variety of bed frames as Awawa carries every size mattress from twin to California king. This includes twin XL. Awara also offers excellent customer service by offering a 365-day return policy.

Green On-The-Go

Don’t forget about being eco-friendly when on the road. For those that want to enjoy going green while on vacation, eco-friendly bed and breakfast businesses are on the rise equipped with green beds. Even towels and sheets made of organic cotton are available for your use. In many of these places, guests can take advantage of lush garden food and beautiful wooded surroundings free of charge!

What are Certified Organic Seals?

However, when you are looking for an organic mattress, you must know exactly how environment-friendly it really is. Determining whether a mattress is truly chemical free can be a challenge since there are so many different certification seals or labels per manufacturer. There are mattresses that contain a very low percentage of organic ingredients, yet are advertised as 100 percent eco-friendly. According to the USDA organic seal, in order for a mattress to be deemed organic, it must be processed without potentially harmful chemicals, and use 95 percent certified organic materials. Among the certifications, you can trust, is the CertiPUR-US seal and the Greenguard seal to name a few.

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Questions to ask when buying an eco friendly mattress

So, you want to buy a mattress. What type of mattress should you go for? Ask for an eco friendly mattress. They are made up of natural organic components and materials. Due to their natural composition, they tend to decompose very easily whenever disposed of in the garbage. They can also be easily recycled without any issue.

Is the eco-friendly mattress breathable?

Yes. Wool can effectively circulate air. It allows air to freely flow in and out of the mattress efficiently. This will help regulate the bed’s temperature. An eco-friendly breathable mattress is especially useful in hot and humid weather.

How long can this eco friendly mattress provide long-lasting comfort?

A lower quality mattress may not have the durability to provide comfort for the lifetime of the mattress. However, eco friendly beds like natural latex, for instance, are made from high-quality materials and can last for more than a decade. The materials are sustainably sourced, and great effort goes into the manufacturing process which is why eco friendly beds tend to be significantly higher in price than traditional mattresses.

Comfort and durability must be on top of your mattress shopping considerations. Natural and organic mattresses can offer your body the comfort that you need. Mattresses that are made durable with heavy-duty materials can offer you the support that you need, and that it won’t easily sag. Natural latex, for instance, can provide you ample weight support without since this mattress is heavy and firm with a slight bounce to it.

What’s the difference between the two types of warranties?

A prorated warranty requires somewhat of a ‘deductible’. It means that you will pay a certain percentage to have your mattress repaired or replaced. With a non-prorated warranty, you don’t have to pay anything to have your mattress repaired or replaced. However, make sure that the non-prorated warranty offers a range of options. For instance, do you have to transport the mattress yourself for repair? Straightforward mattress companies will offer a non-prorated warranty or a combination of both types of warranties. They are sure to assist you with your mattress needs. Whenever you need a repair, they can send a professional over to repair the damages for you at no extra charges.

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Finding the right eco friendly mattress

After several years of using your mattress, you will find the need to dispose and replace. Many people have trouble disposing of their old mattress when it is time for them to purchase a replacement. Some mattress companies will offer to haul away your old mattress. If they don’t, you may discard it at the dump site; however, if it is non-biodegradable, it can cause harm to the environment.

Inquire about the technology

Inquire about the technology used in the manufacturing of the mattress. Like mentioned earlier, some mattresses are labeled as ‘eco-friendly’ when in truth, they are not. This is similar to memory foams. The very nature of memory foam mattresses usually includes the use of harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process. Otherwise, it won’t end up becoming a true and authentic memory foam mattress.

Probably the most popular eco friendly mattress today is the natural latex mattress. These mattresses do not bear VOC’s or other potentially harmful chemicals. It is purely made out of the sap extract of the rubber tree. It underwent a stringent manufacturing process to ensure its durability and strength.

Check on its sustainability

Even if they are manufactured from all organic materials, the natural resources can later become depleted. The mattress must not create a substantial risk to the environment. As rubber trees are cultured very easily, natural latex mattresses are highly sustainable.


When discarded, the mattress should be able to decompose on its own. This is one thing to consider with your mattress. It must be biodegradable, such that it can be easily disposed of without causing potential harm to our environment.

With all the pollutants the earth seems to be enduring environmentally, many people want to work towards reducing their own carbon footprint. Not only that, but an eco friendly mattress can also benefit the user in more ways that one!

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