Here's Why Your Next Mattress Should Be A Natural

Natural Latex Mattress – We spend around one-third of our lifetime sleeping. That is why it is crucial that we get the right type of support and comfort that we need while we sleep. A mattress made out of latex can afford you the kind of support and comfort your body craves. Natural latex mattresses are comfortable and can last longer when compared to other types of mattresses. While there is no hard and fast rule here since a mattresses lifespan is dependent on many different variables, innersprings typically last around six to eight years while latex can last well beyond eight years with proper care.

It is easy to find a latex mattress that will match any bed frame size. Latex mattresses, like memory foam, look like a regular mattress when covered. But, unlike some mattresses, a latex mattress does not have to be flipped over. Since it is constructed of very high-quality materials, it will always retain its shape, comfort, and support for years to come.

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Eco Friendly Mattress

Types of Latex - Natural vs Synthetic

Natural Latex Mattress

A natural latex mattress is made from all-natural latex rubber. Natural rubber is gathered from the rubber tree known as Hevea brasiliensis. There are many countries that supply natural rubber. Latex can be easily sourced from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Natural latex is created in two ways: the Talalay process and the Dunlop process. These methods are all-natural and non-toxic. The Talalay process turns the latex extract into a froth and then molds it into shape; however, the molded latex is then flash-frozen. The process is somewhat similar to that which is used to create Dunlop latex. However, the Talalay process involves a few extra steps that will create a lighter, airier feel. It also gives the Talalay a more uniform consistency.

The creation of Dunlop latex is simpler. The liquid rubber is whipped into a froth, poured into a mold, and baked twice; but is not flash-frozen which gives Talalay latex it’s airiness. Dunlop latex is denser, and it can be rather bottom-heavy, plus it is a lot firmer than Talalay latex.

Synthetic Latex

Consumers have to be very careful when looking at latex mattresses. Sometimes synthetic latex can be mistaken for natural latex. During World War II, latex supplies were restricted. Scientists attempted to duplicate natural latex, and they could only create an inferior product. Instead, they developed a latex that was similar to natural latex by using a petroleum-based plasticizer such as butadiene or styrene. Both natural and synthetic latex has similar properties. However, natural latex has more elasticity.

Blended Latex

Blended latex use both organic and synthetic latex. In addition, some mattress manufacturers may include fillers such as clay mixed into the latex. This can make the product stiffer.

12 Best Reasons To Buy A Natural Mattress

Before you make your decision, consider these 12 compelling reasons why you should choose the contouring comfort (with a touch of bounce) that only comes with a natural latex mattress. Read now

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Natural Latex Mattress

Benefits of Natural Latex Mattress

Natural Mattress Flame Resistant

Natural rubber is typically covered with organic wool that is certified fire resistant. This is due to the wool’s ability to absorb any moisture and fluids. Furthermore, wool is infused with keratin, a flame retardant protein. Studies reveal that due to the moisture on wool and the protein keratin, it makes it hard to set on fire. A lot of the natural latex mattresses are covered in a flame-resistant certified organic wool inner lining that is woven to the organic cotton outer covering. Wool is naturally resistant to flames as it requires higher levels of oxygen to burn.  

Natural Mattress Hypoallergenic

An environmentally derived all-natural latex mattress is a great choice for those whose traditional beds can increase allergens; this is because natural latex has anti-microbial properties. There are only a few (if at all), who suffer from any latex allergy when using a natural latex mattress. Also, natural latex mattresses, due to their material and construction, are dust mite and mold and mildew resistant. They effectively resist the presence of mildew and dust mite infestation.  

Natural Latex Mattress Pressure Point Relief

An all natural latex mattress may work wonders for your joints and muscles. It provides optimal support, and that promotes proper spinal curvature, and this can reduce pressure points on joints. It can even support your back and has that bouncy feel.

Natural Latex Mattress Breathability

The organic rubber mattress is made of natural ingredients and components that make it breathable. It is all due to the natural latex mattress’ unique open-cell structure. A breathable mattress ensures that the material does not heat up too much while a person is sleeping on it. Unlike many memory foam beds, natural latex mattresses provide adequate breathability through the material to keep the sleeper cooler.

Natural Latex Mattress Firmness Levels

When buying mattresses, you want something that is medium-firm and long-lasting. You do not want something that will not last for long and can cause you back and joint problems. Your natural latex mattresses are available in various firmness ratings. They are super firm, extra firm, medium firm, extra soft, and soft. It is highly recommended to use the medium firm mattress, especially for those who often experience and suffer from back problems. For those who prefer a different kind of natural latex mattress firmness, it would be a good idea to grab a custom-built mattress with split cores.

Latex Mattress No Off-gassing

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the best thing about natural latex mattresses is that its natural and made of high-grade material. Other mattresses can contain and emit harsh chemical odors that can be harmful to our wellness and health, long term.  On average, we sleep approximately eight hours a night. So, opt for a natural latex mattress versus a synthetic. The slight ‘new bed odor’ that might come from your natural latex bed is entirely safe.

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Natural Latex Mattress​

Natural Latex Mattress​ Potential Disadvantages

Harder to find

One drawback surrounding a natural latex mattress is that it is difficult to find in the market when compared to the synthetic types. But, with modern day e-commerce shopping, finding one is a lot easier than ever before.

More expensive

They can be quite expensive when compared to mainstream mattress types on the market. However, the extra cost is definitely worth the investment as it can mean years of comfy sleep, well-being, and good health

Is Natural Latex Mattress Right For You?

Once you have decided which mattress you should go for, think about the environment as well as your comfort. Since we spend a great deal of our life sleeping or resting, it would be a good idea to invest a mattress that can help promote an eco-friendly, healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

And top your natural mattress off, complete it by adding natural pillows, luxurious bed sheets, and anything that can make your night something you’d certainly look forward to every single time. Using natural or organic latex mattresses can be the best investment you will make for yourself or your loved one; just make sure you’re choosing authentic natural latex in order to enjoy all the benefits.