Awara vs. Avocado

better sleep, naturally

Mystery is fun in films, books, and romance, but not so fun when it comes to mattress shopping. After all, you spend over a third of your life sleeping and want to make the right choice. When you’re making an investment in a mattress that will stay with you over the next decade or more (if you make the right choice!), it’s important to know exactly what value you are getting.

We’ve crafted this article in attempts to take some of the mystery out of the mattress purchasing process and give you better insight into the differences between Awara and Avocado, one of its competitors.

Discover how these two mattresses compare in hybrid design, latex material, sleep trial length, and more.

  Awara Avocado with Eurotop
Price (Queen) $1,149 $1,799
Sleep Trial 365 Nights 365 nights
Warranty Forever 25 years
Free Shipping Yes Yes
Free Returns Yes Yes
Setup/Removal Yes Yes
Latex Rainforest Alliance Certified Dunlop
Latex Layer 4” 4” total
Hybrid Design Premium Individually Wrapped Pocket Coil System 3-zone coils
Height 13” 13”
Euro Top Yes Yes
Rainforest Alliance Certified Latex Yes No
100% Organic Cotton Yes Yes
Certified 100% Organic Wool fiber from New Zealand Yes No
No Poly Foams Yes Yes
No Toxic Chemicals Yes Yes
Non chemical Fire Retardant SGS Certified Yes No
Non Chemical Adhesive Yes Yes
Water Based Adhesives Yes No
Carbon Offset Program Yes Yes
1 When returning a ZenHaven mattress you will be refunded the price of the mattress (if returned within trial period) minus the $99 handling cost, so technically returns are not completely free.
2 Avocado and Brentwood make non-chemical FR claims on their respective websites, but do not specifically call-out or display SGS Cert.
3 Avocado claims to anchor layers together using “hand-tufted rosettes”. They are clear that there are no chemical adhesives used in constructing their product, but they do not state that they do not use adhesives at all.
4 Brentwood claims that their 100% organic cotton cover secures layers without the use of chemical adhesives

Hybrid Design

Awara offers a premium individually‑wrapped pocket coil system, designed for proper body and spinal support. These premium‑wrapped coils have been specifically crafted to target and help support your body’s points of pressure in order to complement the contouring of the layers of the Rainforest Alliance Certified latex. In comparison, the Avocado mattress offers a 3‑zone coil system for support beneath their layers of latex. Avocado also does explain that it offers reinforced edges on its mattress to ensure you won’t roll off during the night.

However, Awara’s top quality pocket coil system combined with the reinforced edging evenly distributes weight to help reduce motion transfer across the surface of the bed. This is excellent news for those sharing a bed with a partner, pets, or kids experiencing the occasional nightmare. With Awara’s supportive design, rolling off the side of the bed will be a thing of the past.

The main difference in the hybrid design between Avocado and Awara is the coil system.


Awara uses Rainforest Alliance Certified latex that is sustainably sourced to give the eco‑conscious sleeper greater peace of mind. Using natural Rainforest Alliance Certified latex means that the Awara mattress is made without many of the chemicals that are often found in mattresses made of different, inorganic, and unnatural materials.

Like Awara, the Avocado mattress also uses latex. Natural Latex is a popular choice because of the simplicity when it comes to the manufacturing process, which also means that it leaves less of a carbon footprint. Avocado Green mattress also uses natural latex produced in factories that are Rainforest Alliance certified.

Latex Layer

Both Awara and the Avocado Green mattress with a Euro top have a latex layer that is 4" thick. As hybrids, both Awara and the Avocado Green mattress use a combination of coils and latex to provide a balance of the traditional bounce‑back feel of a spring mattress and the contouring benefits of soft layers of latex. 4" of latex is more than enough to provide a cushioning that supports all of your body’s points of pressure to bring a deeper and more restful sleep.

Euro Top

Our Euro top is comprised of a quilted blend featuring silky‑soft 100% organic cotton and Certified 100% Organic Wool fiber from New Zealand. Awara knows how to create the ultimate sleeping experience. The Euro top layer adds just the right amount of softness without sinking too deep or sacrificing the support from the layers below - perfect for back, side, and stomach sleepers alike.

The standard Avocado mattress does not contain a Euro top: it’s just the top latex layers and the bottom spring layers, without any sort of comfort layer. At checkout, however, you’re able to purchase an Avocado mattress made with an additional “European‑styled pillow top” (Avocado website) that is filled with an additional layer of latex. Similar to Awara’s, but ours is already built‑in, not an add‑on afterthought because we have you and your comfort in mind.

Organic Materials

Using as many sustainably‑sourced, organic materials as possible is important to Awara, which is why we use 100% organic cotton, Certified 100% Organic Wool fiber from New Zealand and Rainforest Alliance Certified latex materials when constructing each Awara mattress. With Awara, you can rest assured knowing that your sleeping on a mattress that cares about your comfort and cares about the Earth. Avocado Green also uses a combination of natural and organic materials, produced in their GOLS‑certified manufacturing facility. Both companies care about the Earth and your sleep environment, and at Awara, we go above and beyond with extra perks like free shipping and returns, an industry‑leading year long trial period, and a Forever warranty.

With Awara, You Get More than a Latex Hybrid Mattress. You Get to Sleep Better, Naturally.

The standard sleep trial in the mattress industry is 90-100 nights, but Awara breaks the mold with a 365 night trial period. With this year long trial you’re able to get a very realistic idea of what it would be like to sleep on Awara in every season and every type of weather.

The Avocado mattress meets but doesn’t exceed the industry standard for sleep trials with its 100 night offer. At around 3 months, you may have an idea of whether or not you want to keep the mattress long term, but you may not know what it feels like in a different time of year. If you tend to sleep hot, you’ll want to know what your mattress feels like in the summertime. It’s also a good idea to know what it will feel like in the winter time when you have the heat on. A longer trial is generally better in order to get a clearer idea of what it’s like to sleep on your new mattress all year round and in every condition.

Free Shipping: Both the Awara and Avocado mattresses offer free shipping on every mattress size. The price for shipping is included in the cost of purchasing a mattress, so there are no hidden costs when it comes time to check out.

Free Returns: Another point where Awara and Avocado match up. If you purchase either mattress and decide that you’re unhappy, you can return it for a full refund of your purchase price (less the price of any promo items) if it is within the trial period (365 nights for Awara, 100 nights for Avocado). Simply contact customer support staff to coordinate your return. No need to keep any of the original packaging.

Mattress Setup/Removal: When you purchase an Awara mattress, you have the option to choose the White Glove Delivery Service at checkout. For an additional $149, a team of our White Glove service representatives will hand deliver your Awara mattress, set it up in the room of your choosing, remove the packaging, and even remove your old mattress (if it’s clean) for you.

With Avocado, you are able to choose an in-home setup option as well, but it costs a bit more than Awara, at $199.

Awara happily offers the best warranty in the industry - the Forever Warranty - and it really is as good as it sounds. For as long as the original purchaser of the mattress owns Awara, we offer an industry-leading warranty. In the unlikely event that your mattress has any manufacturing defects over the course of its lifetime, we guarantee that we will either replace it or fix it, depending on how long you've owned the mattress. Enjoy the best sleep of your life, for the rest of your life.

When you purchase an Avocado mattress on the other hand, you are only getting a 25 year warranty. When you purchase a product with a warranty that lasts for a limited amount of time, you’re taking a gamble on your investment. It may last you 25 years, but then what?

We Never Compromise


We know the importance of proof behind our words, which is why we’ve taken the time to have our materials certified. In addition, our latex is certified to meet the Rainforest Alliance Certified Latex for organic materials. Awara also uses 100% organic cotton and wool, and there are no petroleum-based polyurethane foams, chemical adhesives (Awara uses water-based adhesives), chemical fire retardants (instead uses a non-chemical fire retardant that is SGS certified), or memory foams. The result is a mattress that you can feel good about purchasing for yourself and for loved ones.

Similarly, Avocado’s cotton is 100% organic, doesn’t use polyfoams, doesn’t use toxic chemicals, and uses non‑chemical adhesives (though not water based). Additionally, both Awara and Avocado use hydrated silica as a fire retardant, but Awara’s is SGS certified and Avocado’s is not. Choose the option with top certifications.

Natural Sleep

Find Better Sleep Naturally

When you purchase the standard Avocado mattress it is 11” in height. Purchasing the additional Euro top adds 2” to the top of the mattress making it 13” in total.

The Awara mattress that comes with its built-in Euro top mattress is already 13” in height right off the bat. Enjoy the plush, contouring feel that allows for soft cradling comfort, yet maintains a supportive lift from the springs below. 13” in height is that magical “just right” height that makes it easy to get into and out of bed with ease every morning and really supports your spine with a lovely cushioning feel.

A Queen-sized Awara mattress costs just $1,149, a steal compared to industry competitors. The Avocado mattress, on the other hand, costs $1,799, and doesn’t have as long of a trial period, as long of a warranty, or use the same premium quality certified-organic latex.

When it comes to price, it’s also important to note that the Awara mattress comes with a lush, and incredibly comfortable Euro top. With Avocado, the Euro top costs an additional $400 for a Queen-size. This means that not only does the standard Awara mattress cost less than the standard Avocado mattress, but Awara also includes a Euro top in the price, whereas you have to pay $400 more to add a Euro top to Avocado.

In terms of quality of materials, benefits concerning customer service, and low cost, Awara scores better on each front. Discover the bliss of better sleep on a lush mattress made with quality materials with Awara and with the Forever Warranty, never look back.

Purchase an Awara mattress today and enjoy $200 your mattress purchase. Treat yourself to perfect sleep and order your Awara today.

Avocado 13” $1,799
Awara 13” $1,149
Premium quality sleep starts with a company that cares about you. Make an investment in your wellbeing and get you best rest by purchasing an Awara mattress today.