Awara vs. Ghostbed

better sleep, naturally

Self care is important, and arguably the best thing you can do for yourself is to get a perfect night of unbroken sleep. To do that you need the right tools which starts with a mattress that’s up to the task. Unfortunately navigating the market for a new mattress can feel cluttered and leave you feeling more anxious than when you started.

We get that, and we get that your time is valuable. We don’t want you sifting through pages and pages of reviews and websites that outline some tiny specific detail that you need to know in order to make your choice. That’s exactly why we decided to help you out, take the mystery out of your mattress shopping, and have a little fun while making this process more simple and straightforward.

This is a comparison article where we’ve highlighted the big ideas that appeal to most mattress shoppers. We outlined those facts, uncovering the important distinctions between Awara and one of its competitors, the GhostBed mattress. GhostBed has three different tiers of mattresses, so we picked the flex to compare to Awara. It’s the closest in design and function to an Awara. Without further ado, let’s see what these mattresses have in common — and what they don’t.

  Awara Ghostbed
Price (Queen) $1,149 $1,285
Sleep Trial 365 Nights 101 nights
Warranty Forever 25 years
Free Shipping Yes Yes
Free Returns Yes Yes
Setup/Removal Yes No
Latex Rainforest Alliance Certified No
Latex Layer 4” None (Memory Foam)
Hybrid Design Premium Individually Wrapped Pocket Coil System Reinforced Support Coils
Height 13” 13”
Euro Top Yes No
Rainforest Alliance Certified Latex Yes No
100% Organic Cotton Yes No
GOTS Certified 100% Organic Wool fiber from New Zealand Yes No
No Poly Foams Yes No
No Toxic Chemicals Yes No
Non chemical Fire Retardant SGS Certified Yes Yes
Non Chemical Adhesive Yes Yes
Water Based Adhesives Yes Yes
Carbon Offset Program Yes No
1 When returning a ZenHaven mattress you will be refunded the price of the mattress (if returned within trial period) minus the $99 handling cost, so technically returns are not completely free.
2 Avocado and Brentwood make non-chemical FR claims on their respective websites, but do not specifically call-out or display SGS Cert.
3 Avocado claims to anchor layers together using “hand-tufted rosettes”. They are clear that there are no chemical adhesives used in constructing their product, but they do not state that they do not use adhesives at all.
4 Brentwood claims that their 100% organic cotton cover secures layers without the use of chemical adhesives

Hybrid Design

We at Awara are really proud of the hybrid design we came up with. Hybrid mattresses essentially combine the feel of an innerspring mattress along with the soft cushioning comfort of latex (or memory foam). It’s a great way to get the best of both worlds.

We created a premium individually-wrapped pocket coil system to act as the base of our hybrid design. That means that you’ll have great isolation of motion and great support for your back. It also creates the traditional bounce-back and responsive feel of a classic innerspring mattress. Not only that, our comfort layer mixes layers of contouring Rainforest Alliance-Certified Dunlop latex to provide you with just enough softness to relax you like a baby.

GhostBed is also a hybrid bed, though they do not use latex, instead, they decided to go with a mixture of memory foam, transition foam, support foam, and an inch of fiber on the top -- and a polyester blend for a cover. Their 8 ½” individually wrapped support coils aren’t quite as hefty as the Awara’s either (more on that in a second).


Briefly mentioned before, but definitely worth still exploring is the fact that Awara uses Rainforest Alliance-Certified Dunlop latex that is sustainably sourced. This is the cream of the crop for latex, and is not only great for your sleep (because of temperature regulation, contouring, and durability), but is also great for the environment. The Awara mattress doesn’t have any of the chemicals that are found in a lot of typical mattresses that use unnatural or non-organic material.

The GhostBed goes the other direction. Not only do they not use Dunlop latex, they actually use a synthetic blend known as “gel memory foam” to synthesize a similar feeling to real latex. Unfortunately, this isn’t as comfortable or as breathable as the real thing. They use this latex because it is easier to ship and is easy to process. That’s a bummer, and it feels a little bit like cutting corners to us. Not something you want to do when a good night’s sleep is on the line.

Latex Layer

The latex layer is large and plush on the Awara hybrid. For Aawara, the combination of latex and coils is designed to create a balanced feeling that matches comfort with support and targeted responsiveness. The Awara’s latex layer is 4” thick that sits just above the supportive coil layer. That means you get the cushion needed to relax your body and relieve areas of pressure -- that’s the key to a night of deep sleep.

Unfortunately, the GhostBed also has a strange setup for their latex layer. Since they don’t have natural latex, they have substituted a series of different memory foams (four on the comfort layer and one along the bottom for support). Each of those layers consists of about an inch of the material total, though the material varies and is, again, all synthetic.

Euro Top

The Euro top for the Awara mattress is a perfect example of what we like to call eco-luxury. This topper is made with a lavish blend of silky certified organic cotton and Certified 100% Organic Wool fiber from New Zealand. We chose these materials exactly because they improve airflow, keeping your mattress cool and sleepable every single night -- no matter what the temperature. It lies in what we call the Goldilocks zone -- not too soft and not too firm. You’re getting all the benefits of a consciously made, naturally-sourced mattress that doesn’t ever sacrifice comfort, support, or temperature regulation. This is the perfect bed no matter what your sleeping style happens to be: back, side, or stomach. We’ve got the goods.

The GhostBed’s cover is made of a synthetic material they’ve named “Ghost Ice Fabric” which is an artificial viscose-polyester blend. It is designed for temperature control. It’s not made of any natural material at all.

Organic Materials

At Awara, we’ve made a pledge to care about the earth as much as we care about your sleep. That’s why we made the decision to go with as many natural and organically sourced materials as possible when we built these mattresses. We use only sustainably sourced Rainforest Alliance-Certified Dunlop latex. We also use Certified 100% Organic Wool fiber from New Zealand. That means you’re getting a mattress that not only sleeps great and stays durable, but that also makes the earth feel good.

The GhostBed Flex doesn’t have the same pledge. While they advertise that they are CertiPUR-US certified, which is great, they don’t use any organic materials in the construction of their mattress. They utilize memory foam instead of sourced organic latex. That’s a lot of ways in which they aren’t measuring up. Sure, it’s probably fine for you to sleep on, but this is definitely one mattress that doesn’t take the environment into account.

With Awara, You Get More than a Latex Hybrid Mattress. You Get to Sleep Better, Naturally.

Awara is unique in the industry in that it offers an extended trial period for you to sleep on your new mattress. While many other mattress companies are content to do a 100-day trial period, Awara offers a 365-night trial period, so that you can get the full time to fall in love with your mattress. Like any good relationship, we know that it takes time to build the trust for a love that will last a lifetime. We’re confident that once you feel the time, energy, and materials that went into the bed, you’re going to sleep easy knowing that you made the right choice. No need to rush into that!

GhostBed offers a more traditional approach to the trial. They eschew the 100-day trial period for something a little longer -- the 101 day trial period. While that’s nice, it doesn’t come close to the 365-night trial of an Awara mattress.

Free Shipping: Both Awara and Ghostbed offer free shipping for their mattresses to any of the 48 continental states. There are no hidden fees or charges that pop-up at checkout. What you see is what you get.

Free Returns: Both Awara and GhostBed do offer free returns. With either bed, you will receive a refund in full with no hidden fees for pick up or return services. The GhostBed has some stipulations that you must have the bed for at least 30 days or a re-stocking fee may be applied. Not only that, it’s worth noting that the trial period for an Awara is significantly longer, meaning you have much more time to decide about a fee-free return.

Mattress Setup/Removal: Awara has a setup and removal service. If you buy an Awara mattress with the White Glove Service, it includes delivery straight to your door and setup by a team of our White Glove service partners. Not only that, but they’ll also remove and dispose of your old mattress as long as it’s in a relatively clean condition. This service is an additional $149.

The GhostBed has no option for White Glove service. They will only deliver the mattress to your front door, they specifically state that the carrier is only responsible for bringing your purchase that far. They suggest calling a local charity to pick up your old mattress, even though this rarely works. Most charities don’t want or need old mattresses.

Another way that Awara leads the rest of the mattress pack is with their amazing forever warranty. They guarantee your mattress will last a lifetime. In the unlikely event that your mattress has a manufacturing defect or is unusable during the course of its lifetime, Awara guarantees to replace or fix your mattress, depending on how long you’ve owned it. There aren’t too many other mattress companies that will offer the same -- and that’s definitely true of the Ghostbed mattress.

While the GhostBed mattress does exceed the 10-year warranty that most mattress companies offer, their 20-year warranty falls well short of the Forever Warranty offered by Awara.

We Never Compromise


We don’t joke around with certifications. It’s how you know that we’re serious about your mattress and the environment. You can rest easy knowing that we use Rainforest Alliance-Certified Dunlop latex. Awara mattresses also guarantee that they’re free from petroleum-based polyurethane foams, chemical adhesives, chemical fire retardants (uses a non-chemical retardant certified by the SGS), and memory foams, and use only Certified organic cotton and Certified 100% Organic Wool fiber from New Zealand.

Unfortunately, the GhostBed does not have these certifications. They are certified by CertiPUR-US to be made without ozone depleters, and formaldehyde, but they fall well short of the certifications that Awara has.

Natural Sleep

Awara is the Natural Choice

It’s pretty easy to see the difference here. Awara is just a superior mattress. Even though they both measure in at 13” in height and are hybrid mattresses, the superior materials of an Awara make it clear that it’s the better option. It’s all about the attention to detail and starting off with great ingredients is the best way to make a dreamy sleep.

The price of a Queen-sized GhostBed Flex mattress is $1285. The cost of a Queen-sized Awara mattress is only $1,149. That means for significantly less you’re getting a better warranty, a longer trial period, the option for setup/removal services, and Rainforest Alliance-Certified Dunlop latex materials. That’s just an easy decision. Awara is your obvious choice.

Not only is Awara a great bed, but it’s also eco-conscious and represents an organic alternative to the rest of the mattress industry. If you get an Awara today, you’ll even get $200 off as our gift to you. It’s time to make the jump into the bed of your dreams. Experience the Awara difference today.

GhostBed 13” $1,285
Awara 13” $1,149
Premium quality sleep starts with a company that cares about you. Make an investment in your wellbeing and get you best rest by purchasing an Awara mattress today.