Awara vs. Nest

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We get it, mattress shopping can be a total pain. Often it comes at the worst possible time too! You’re sick and tired of your old mattress, and just want something that’s going to give you the kind of rich, velvety sleep that you used to have as a kid. The internet offers endlesschoices in the mattress game these days, but unfortunately it’s easy to get paralyzed by choice. With so many options you’re faced with, making a decision can feel like a daunting task.

The good news? We totally understand that feeling. While it can be fun to think about different types of beds and mattresses, we also know that your time is valuable and that you shouldn’t feel tied to your computer. Reading page after page of reviews can make you tired, but not in a good way. That’s why we’re taking the mystery out of the mattress game. It’s time to simplify.

In this comparison article, we’re breaking down the Awara mattress versus the Nest Bedding mattress. We’ve done it simply, succinctly, and organized so that you can make a decision based on whatever key elements you’re looking for. We back those with facts. Every person has a different reason for wanting a new mattress. That’s why we’ve broken each difference into an easy-to-understand category. Finding the mattress of your dreams shouldn’t be complicated, so check out this article to make your decision process a total breeze.

  Awara Nest
Price (Queen) $1,149 $2,099
Sleep Trial 365 Nights 100 nights
Warranty Forever Forever
Free Shipping Yes Yes
Free Returns Yes No
Setup/Removal Yes Yes
Latex Dunlop Dunlop
Latex Layer 4” 5” (three separate layers)
Hybrid Design Premium Individually Wrapped Pocket Coil System Individually wrapped coil system with perimeter
Height 13” 11.5”
Euro Top Yes Yes
Rainforest Alliance Certified Latex Yes Yes
100% Organic Cotton Yes Yes
Certified 100% Organic and Natural Wool fiber from New Zealand Yes No
No Poly Foams Yes Yes
No Toxic Chemicals Yes Yes
Non chemical Fire Retardant SGS Certified Yes Yes
Non Chemical Adhesive Yes Yes
Water Based Adhesives Yes Yes
Carbon Offset Program Yes Yes
1 When returning a ZenHaven mattress you will be refunded the price of the mattress (if returned within trial period) minus the $99 handling cost, so technically returns are not completely free.
2 Avocado and Brentwood make non-chemical FR claims on their respective websites, but do not specifically call-out or display SGS Cert.
3 Avocado claims to anchor layers together using “hand-tufted rosettes”. They are clear that there are no chemical adhesives used in constructing their product, but they do not state that they do not use adhesives at all.
4 Brentwood claims that their 100% organic cotton cover secures layers without the use of chemical adhesives

Hybrid Design

Hybrid designs have become all the rage for mattress companies because they combine the two most popular bed designs into something totally new. A hybrid design offers both comfort and support because they combine classic springy coil support layers with a top comfort layer made of a soft latex or memory foam material. Awara has perfected this design by mixing a premium individually-wrapped pocketed coil system along with a natural, Rainforest Alliance-Certified Dunlop latex. It’s specifically created to mix the elegant comfort of a memory foam mattress with the support of a traditional innerspring. It’s all about giving you that classic support while still cushioning potential problem areas, giving relief for more high-pressure points like your lower back so that you can have an amazing, unbroken and deep dreamy sleep every single night.

The Nest Bedding Hybrid Organic Latex mattress (phew what a mouthful) is Nest Bedding’s closest analog to the Awara, so that’s what we’ll compare here. Their hybrid mattress is similar in construction, though they forego a deeper comfort layer to add something called a “transition layer.


Awara makes the point to only use Rainforest Alliance-Certified Dunlop latex. The reason Awara stresses this is not only because this type of latex gives the most comfortable and temperature controlled sleep, but also because it’s natural and better for the environment.

It’s also the reason that we implement natural and organic Dunlop latex. It’s super durable, but still contours to the problem areas of your body, so that you can feel comfortable every single night. It also has the added benefit of sleeping cool -- which other, cheaper latex can’t do. It’s all about creating the perfect sleep environment through the use of superior materials. Speaking of the environment, you can rest easy (pun intended) on an Awara knowing that these materials are obtained through sustainable sourcing practices. That’s a win-win for you and planet earth.

Nest Bedding uses GOLS-certified Dunlop latex, but they only use 3” on their top layer, as opposed to the Awara’s 4”. It might not seem like a huge difference, but think of it this way -- it’s a quarter deeper on the Awara.

Latex Layer

The Awara mattress proves that you can keep things simple while still retaining great engineering and design. The Awara mattress comes with 4” of organic latex that is designed to perfectly contour to those sleeping positions. It’s also designed for an active cushioning bounce that allows for excellent spinal support. That makes for distinctly great sleep, you’ll feel it when you wake up in the morning feeling totally refreshed -- not achy at all, but instead feeling young and bouncy. That’s the power of a great latex layer.

Nest Bedding has instead chosen to divide their latex layers into two separate areas. The fop layer is a softer Dunlop layer that’s 3” thick, while the underneath layer is a harder 1” “transition” latex layer. That might sound like a good idea at first, but having a top layer of less firm latex might lead to a less durable mattress than one that has one solid layer.

Euro Top

The Euro top is really where Awara distinguishes itself as a luxury mattress. We use certified organic cotton and Certified 100% Organic Wool fiber from New Zealand, a wool material Euro top that is specifically designed to improve airflow and help with temperature regulation. That’s just one of the little details that sets Awara apart from its competitors. It’s about adding that extra softness, but without losing any of the support that the bottom layers provide. The good news? This means its a perfect mattress no matter what your sleeping position. That’s right, back, side, and stomach sleepers will all be able to sleep soundly and comfortably thanks to Awara’s dedication to quality materials..

While the Nest mattress doesn’t totally negate the top layer, it is decidedly less luxurious. They only offer a .5” certified cotton wool batting instead of a full-on Euro Top. It’s an interesting move considering that most of the other layers seem like they’re made with gratification in mind. It’s not bad, it’s just not as comfy or heat-wicking as the Awara.

Organic Materials

We’ve mentioned that Awara uses a latex layer made from Rainforest Alliance-Certified Dunlop latex, but that’s not where it ends. The Awara also has an organic knit cover made of certified organic cotton. That means you’re getting a completely organic mattress that cares about the environment as much as it cares about your sleep -- that way you can rest easy. This is a mattress that cares about the earth as much as you do.

Nest Bedding does use certified Dunlop latex as well as an organic stretch knit cotton and Joma Wool cover. Both mattresses hold up their bargain to be as green as possible while still retaining comfort.

With Awara, You Get More than a Latex Hybrid Mattress. You Get to Sleep Better, Naturally.

This is really where the Awara distinguishes itself as something special. The Awara mattress allows you a trial of a full year to sleep on it and figure out if it’s right for you. That’s a trial period born out of supreme confidence that they have a great bed, and as soon as you start sleeping on it, you’ll feel that way too. It’s no secret why: the way it is lovingly crafted with superior materials means that you’re going to get a great night sleep, no matter what time of year it is.

The Nest mattress has considerably less time to make that decision. Not only is it just a 100-night trial period, those nights actually start the day your mattress is delivered. They also have a strange requirement that you keep your bed for at least 30 days before you return it. If you do so before that time, they’ll charge you 25% for a “restocking fee.” That just strikes us as odd.

Free Shipping: Both Awara and Nest offer free shipping for their mattress. For both companies you don’t have to worry about hidden fees at all.

Free Returns: Awara is all about simplicity. If you’re unhappy with your mattress at any point during the 365-night trial, you’re able to return it with no cost to you. It doesn’t even have to be that you’re unhappy, it could just not be the right fit. Not only that, we’ll work with you so that your mattress can be donated or disposed of locally. Taking the time to return it takes almost no effort whatsoever, you can contact our Customer Support team with a phone call and we’ll start the process.

Unfortunately, the Nest mattress doesn’t make things so easy. On top of the fact that this is an abbreviated time period with which to try it out (only 100-nights), they make you keep the mattress for at least 30 days or suffer a 25% restocking fee. They also have other rules and regulations that need to be followed by the letter or you risk not getting a refund. It feels confusing to us.

Mattress Setup/Removal: Both companies offer mattress setup delivery services and removal services on their website. Awara is upfront about the cost -- it’s $149. Nest Mattresses obscures the price, simply saying that you need to email them for more details to use their White Glove service. It’s just an added step that Awara doesn’t have -- making for a more simple, straightforward experience.

This is one of the biggest financial decisions that your family can make. Awara takes that seriously, which is why they decided to buck the trend for the industry standard in terms of warranties. Instead of doing what most companies do, 10-years, Awara has a Forever Warranty that is exactly what it sounds like. That’s important as it shows our confidence in the Awara mattress. We believe that this mattress will be in your family for years to come, not sag and decrease in quality like other mattresses. We want to break the mold. This is a guarantee that lasts forever.

The Nest Bedding is similar in that it also offers a Forever warranty. They do have an extensive list of do’s and don’ts on their website of ways in which it applies or doesn’t apply. It’s worth looking at before making your purchase. You must submit a photo or short video that documents whatever issue you’re experiencing before they will address your warranty claim.

We Never Compromise


The reasons certifications are so important to us is that they show we’re serious about going natural and organic. We don’t take either of those things lightly at all. It’s also so important for us to meet the organic materials, and Certified 100% Organic Wool fiber from New Zealand.

That also means no petroleum-based polyurethane foams, chemical adhesives, chemical fire retardants, or memory foams. That means you can feel great about your purchase, whether it’s for you, or for the people in your family you care most about.

Nest mattresses also have certifications. That’s great news for anyone who’s in the market for a bed, and certainly a high standard to reach.

Natural Sleep

Awara is the Natural Choice

All that being said, it really feels like Awara is the obvious choice. Not only does the Awara mattress match every certification (and then some) of the Nest, Awara also has great design and support. The Awara mattress measures at an amazing 13”, that’s 4” of organic latex, and 9” for our pocketed coil system. Conversely, the Nest Bed only offers 11.5” total. While they do have 5” total of latex, they split it up into three different layers, and we aren’t convinced that they all work together in the same way that a solid layer of latex might. While their designs are similar, it’s the little things that make all the difference for a great night’s sleep and we feel like the Awara delivers that every single time.

Now let’s break down the price: again, Awara feels like the clear winner. The price for a Queen size Awara mattress is only $1,149. On average, a hybrid mattress that matches these materials, with great customer service and a Forever warranty is going to run you upwards of $2000. That’s exactly how much this mattress is going to cost from Nest Bedding. A Nest Bedding Queen size Hybrid Organic Latex mattress costs $2099 on their website. That’s a huge difference, literally over twice as much!

If you’re looking for quality sleep, but don’t want to totally break the bank it’s pretty obvious that you want to go with the company that cares about you. It’s time to make an investment in your sleep, your health, and your wellbeing. Grab an Awara today and get the best, all-natural sleep in the world. It’s going to change your life.

Nest 11” $2,099
Awara 13” $1,149
Premium quality sleep starts with a company that cares about you. Make an investment in your wellbeing and get you best rest by purchasing an Awara mattress today.